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We feel very privileged to be in a position to work with schools to improve the culture of food education and help children to understand the importance of good food.

Activity Days

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We are dedicated to going above and beyond just supplying hot lunches to schools.  We work closely with schools and children educating them about where we buy our ingredients from, the importance of local sourcing and how to grow and cook food themselves.  We do this through a wide variety of means.


Food & Farming Open Days

Food & Farming Open Days
Each year we have hosted at our main Ewerby Thorpe site, where the farm is based, Food and Farming Open Days.  We have been able to invite schools to attend, where they have been able to take part in a range of activities, and ultimately gain a better understanding of where their meals come from.  They have planted and grown various seeds and plants, worked with our baker making their own bread, visited the combine harvester and gained an understanding of what happens on our farm and taken a tour of the kitchen where their meals are produced.

Food Activity Days

Food Activity Days
We have worked with our schools to offer a day held in the school where The Farm Kitchen lead food activities where the children learn more about fresh ingredients, some new recipes and are encouraged to try new tastes and flavours.  These have been incredibly popular and within the past year we have worked with nearly 5000 children.

Growing Competitions

Growing Competitions
We hold annual inter-school competitions where a set vegetable is chosen and a date agreed for the final ‘weigh-in’ ready for the produce to go into a special themed menu.  We have had some very successful pumpkin, courgette, dwarf green bean and radish challenges in the past.

Vegetable Growing

Vegetable Growing
The importance of children understanding where their food comes from and how it grows is something we feel passionately about.  We work very closely with schools who want to grow their own vegetables and support them from start to finish.  From supplying the initial seeds, purchasing any grown produce and then preparing, cooking and delivering the produce in that school’s meals the next day.  This helps the children see vegetables from seed to fork.

Theme Days

We hold lots of interesting theme days through the year, following main National events and also holding a large number of bespoke theme days for individual schools.

During the past year we have held events on:

  • British Farming Fortnight
  • Lincolnshire Day
  • Mother's and Father’s Day
  • Children in Need
  • Roald Dahl Day
  • World Book Day
  • Our Christmas meal is always our most popular.

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