At the end of September (20th Sept – 2nd Oct 2022), we’ll be taking part in British Food Fortnight, a nationwide celebration of the wonderful variety of food that we produce right here on our little island….and we cannot wait. We are huge advocates of buying local, with our meals always packed full of as much locally grown, locally sourced produce as we possibly can. But why is buying British food so important?

Boosting our local economy

As Lincolnshire farmers ourselves, we have always made a point of supporting local farmers and food producers and we’re really proud to have locally grown vegetables, British meat and eggs and locally baked bread on our menus. As a local business, we want to be able to use our buying power to boost the local economy and through that help strengthen our local communities to help improve life for everyone living in and around our area.

Food served at its best

Living and working in Lincolnshire, we’re incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some of the very best food that Britain has to offer, so supporting these businesses is a joy. Being able to buy locally grown vegetables that are in season and picked fresh means that we can cook with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages when they are at their absolute best – they’re packed full of nutrients and taste amazing. What can be better than that? And the fact we get to pass on all this goodness to the children we cook for makes it even better. Throughout British Food Fortnight we will be turning to our social channels to showcase some of the wonderful British food suppliers we are lucky enough to work with. Please do keep an eye out.

Great quality you can rely on

Because we’re cooking meals every day, we are of course completely dependent on the ingredients we need to buy. Over these past few years, there have been some real challenges on the supply front, thanks to Covid and labour shortages, but buying British and indeed, buying locally, has undoubtedly shielded us from the worst of it. It has been difficult at times, but being able to have much closer working relationships with people has made navigating these tricky times a lot easier. This has meant that we have the very best chance of being able to continue to cook healthy, tasty meals for all our schools, whatever life throws at us.

Eating more sustainably

When you buy British food, and particularly when you buy local, you hugely reduce your meal’s food miles and will cut your carbon footprint dramatically. And it goes without saying that when we’re cooking 5000  meals a day, choosing to buy locally grown, in season produce can really make a difference. We genuinely believe that if everyone could be encouraged to buy British food more often, whenever they can, the positive impact that this would have on the environment cannot be overstated. The fact that we are fortunate enough to live in a country (and indeed a county!) where the food now on offer from our very own growers and producers is incredible, should hopefully make this more appealing option than ever before.

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