In September, we’re going to be introducing the children to some wonderful food from right here on our doorstep in Lincolnshire Day (30th Sept) and from the other side of the world on our Mexican Day (15th Sept). Please do mark the days in your diary! So, what can the children expect to eat and why is it important to have these specialised days?

A Mexican fiesta of food

We will be celebrating Mexican Day on the 15th September this year with a delicious fiesta of Mexico-inspired dishes. The children will get to enjoy smoky pork tacos – a hugely popular traditional Mexican dish – veggie rice and of course sweetcorn (with the added benefit that it will be in season in the UK). For pudding there will be some deliciously tropical pineapple.

This is just a gentle way to introduce children to food from around the world. We want to inspire them to try different foods in a fun and interesting way and to get excited about dishes from other cultures. We’re working with the schools to make this a really lively and tasty celebration of Mexican food.

For the love of Lincolnshire

For something rather closer to home, we’ve organised a Lincolnshire Day on the 30th September. As we’re based in the heart of the county, we buy much of our fresh produce from local farmers and suppliers. But Lincolnshire Day gives us the opportunity to really shine a light on our local food and traditions. The children will enjoy the classic Lincolnshire chipolatas with locally grown potatoes and vegetables. For pudding it will be our classic Yellow Belly cake with lemon curd, after the nickname those of us from Lincolnshire are given!

Lincolnshire Day is a particularly important day for us – we are huge advocates of buying local for so many reasons. Not only does it support the local economy and businesses, it allows us to build really personal relationships so we can be sure the quality really is the very best. And of course it is much, much gentler on the planet – there are no unnecessary food miles. It is a truly sustainable way of cooking. And we want help the children understand these benefits too, so that they will become the local food champions of the future.

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