80% of children are not eating enough vegetables. Vegpower is on a mission to inspire children from early years through primary school and into their teens to veggie loving habits they will keep for life and in turn share with their children. They are holding a national marketing campaign throughout Term 6 that many schools have signed up to and we are very much looking forward to working with them.

Let's Get Growing!


We have decided that the most exciting thing about growing peas is sitting in the garden and eating them! Therefore we have designed a competition to get children excited about growing and eating these delicious vegetables …… we have challenged schools to grow as many peas as possible…..and after the ‘count’ to find the winner, they can all be eaten!



We are so excited about the re-opening of schools, and have had a busy fortnight getting ready for the big day! The orders have been flying in and we are delighted to see so many parents ordering hot meals for their children. We have been really busy making sure that all our crockery and cutlery has had an ‘extra’ wash so it is sparkling, refreshed and clean. #foodsafety #foodhygiene



Wholefoods are vitally important to human health; they are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. From fresh cucumbers and bananas to rolled oats and wholemeal flour, by freshly preparing our meals it means we can use plenty of nutrient packed wholefoods across our menus….served as nature intended.

Essential Food Boxes


We have been delighted to work with schools supplying food boxes to local primary schools. The photograph is a double box delivery with food for 10 lunches for a child. It has been lovely to hear the feedback from schools and parents; we are so pleased to be able to help at this challenging time and provide a nutritious meal option for children who are not at school.

This is one of the messages received from a school: “Thank you for these tremendous food hampers. Our families appreciate what you are providing during these extraordinary times.”

#Lincolnshire Day


Lincolnshire Day is celebrated across the County, recognising and supporting the wonderful food and produce we have available to us. At The Farm Kitchen we feel passionately about buying as much local food as we can. Today on our menu we have featured Lincolnshire Chipolatas, Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower – all grown or produced in Lincolnshire. This was followed by our handmade Yellow Belly Sponge Pudding…..yummy!

Food Safety


We are following Government Guidelines for COVID-19 in the Workplace, and have also discussed our practices with an Independent “Covid Advice in the Workplace Help and Advice Service” to ensure all guidelines are met and being implemented.

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness. It is not known to be transmitted by exposure to food or food packaging.
As a food business our hygiene standards are already very stringent, with strict handwashing and cleaning procedures in place. We will be introducing the following additional measures when schools re-open:

  • Face masks to be worn by all kitchen staff
  • Plastic screening in between workstations
  • Visible signs and floor markings for 2m social distancing
  • One-way system in the kitchen implemented to control staff flow
  • A controlled food delivery and dispatch system with staggered timings
  • Powerful extractor fan system in the kitchen which means the air is recycled more frequently to always remain on when the kitchen is open
  • Each delivery driver to using the same delivery vehicle each day

Golden Apple Awards


Sport is such a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and it is always great to see schools making such fantastic sporting achievements. We are delighted to be sponsoring the Outstanding Sporting Achievement at the Golden Apple Awards. The Award ‘looks to recognise not only outstanding achievement in sport, but also leadership, courage, determination, and an ability to match effort in sport with effort in the classroom’.

Nominations can be made by students, parents, or staff at school.

For more information about the Award, visit




It’s crunch time!!!!! 80% of children are not eating enough vegetables. VegPower is on a mission to teach children, from early years through primary school and into their teens, veggie loving habits they will keep for life and in time share with their children. We have been taking some fun photos of our vegetables being defeated!!!! – do follow us on twitter to find out more @tfk_lincs